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Take care of and strengthen each other and the relationship


All of us have the desire to be seen, and heard especially by our partner. Good conversations are vital to all healthy relationships: they nurture and help us grow as a couple. But what should we talk about? FuelBox COUPLES comprises 170 carefully composed, challenging questions to fuel meaningful and entertaining conversations.

Ask the FuelBox question, then ask ‘tell me more?’.

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FuelBox COUPLES is perfect for your weekend away, romantic dinner, long road trip or at home over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Turn off the world outside and indulge in great conversation. Share, reminisce, reflect, laugh and enjoy.  The most important thing we can do to take care of our relationships, is to nourish and remain curious.

How to use FuelBox COUPLES

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TOPICS AND QUESTIONS Past, Present and Future │ Spare Time │ Love and Romance │ Work and Career │ This and That │ Family, Children and Finances │ Opinions, Attitudes and Values │ Sex │ Minefield │ Mine, Yours and Ours │

  • What do we want others to say about us as a couple?

  • What do you look forward to the most when coming home after a trip?

  • What is the best feedback you have been given at work?

  • How do you think our children will describe us as parents?

  • When have you been most proud of me?

  • Which actors should play us in the movie about our life?

FUELBOX - the perfect gift for someone you care about

FUELBOX is an opportunity to give someone you care about a gift that is both entertaining and meaningful. The perfect gift not just for for you and your partner, weddings, anniversaries, and Valentines, but for friends and family on birthdays and Christmas.

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  • A friend recommended my partner and I buy FuelBox Couples.  We are a young, gay couple embarking on our first serious relationship.  FuelBox really opened our eyes (and our hearts).  We have both faced some struggle individually with a variety of issues, FuelBox found even more common ground for us and has undoubtedly strengthened our relationship. Whilst some of the questions are challenging and expose us, we know we are setting building blocks for our future.

    Thank you, Simon and Jason (Manchester)

  • I hadn’t heard of FuelBox, but was delighted to receive the Couples Box as a wedding gift. My new husband and I used it nearly everyday on our honeymoon and it’s now a permanent fixture in our home.  Cosy ‘nights in’, used to revolve around takeaway, a movie and often falling asleep on the sofa.. we still argue about the takeaway (!), but FuelBox has taken the place of a movie and we often stay awake for much longer…!

    Jasmine, Birmingham 

  • I recommend this box. For anyone who believes that closeness between two people does not come free, but comes through getting to know each other. Even after many years. Again and again..

    Guro Tvedten


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