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Communicate. Share. Challenge. Strengthen. Lead

Strengthen leadership through reflection and great conversations

Discussions and conversations are helpful: Great conversations challenge, inspire and motivate.

FuelBox LEADERSHIP encourages leaders to discuss goals, opportunities, achievements, strategies and risks, and to challenge the status quo in the organisation.




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Great conversations generate new ideas and fuel change.

Leadership meetings can involve revisiting challenges and historic issues. Use FuelBox LEADERSHIP to rejuvenate meetings, discuss new initiatives and innovate.

FuelBox LEADERSHIP encourages you to get to the root of problems and discuss ‘what’s next’ and ‘how do we get the there’? Examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and reflect on changes and challenges for the future.

Questions are designed to aid self reflection and challenge personal leadership styles.  FuelBox LEADERSHIP is beneficial to leaders at all stages of their career, across all functions and departments.


TOPICS AND QUESTIONS Personal Leadership │ Leading Teams │ Employee Development │ Strategic Leadership │ Vision, Values and Culture │ Change Management and Innovation │ Administrative Management │

  • In which situations do you experience having to choose between short-term gain and the achievement of long-term goals?

  • What are your three best leadership skills?

  • From whom do you receive feedback and what is it usually about?

  • What tasks can you delegate to give others a boost?

  • What are you doing to strengthen the reputation of your organisation?

  • If you could remove or change a specific procedure practiced by your organisation, what would it be?

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  • We operate very effectively as individual leaders, we realised there was opportunity for us to become a more effective team of leaders. FuelBox Leadership challenged us and provoked some difficult conversations, it was a catalyst for several changes. Questions and conversation exposed areas where in individual teams we were successful, what we hadn’t realised were the areas of repeated work, reports that were never used or recreated. Incredible how one question can ‘fuel’ such discussion.

  • One of the strengths of FuelBox is that it creates an arena for communication without any underlying or ‘hidden’ agenda. It is a tool where all participants take an active part and we received positive feedback from our employees afterwards.

    Marius Basteviken
    Partner, advokat og siviløkonom
    KPMG stavanger

  • We used FuelBox at our Christmas Party and it was excellent! When did you last ask a colleague what three things he hopes to experience before he dies? Or the CEO how he would spend the day if he got to be a woman for one day? Through great conversations and high level of engagement on issues outside the ordinary, we got to know each other better as humans, not just colleagues. Recommend it!

    Hans Fredrik Wittusen, Strategy Director, Norsk Gjenvninning Norge AS


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    FuelBox LEADERSHIP for Leadership  

    Encourage leaders to share their reflections, expertise and experience.  Challenge the status quo and drive change.


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    FuelBox TEAM for Team Development

    A tool for all people managers and Talent Management professionals to involve employees, build relations and strengthen team performance.


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    The ultimate gift for employees. Demonstrate commitment to communication and well being both inside and outside of the workplace.


ReFuel and Inspiration

FuelBox does not require any prerequisites or introduction course. A ‘kickstart’ on the implementation of the great conversations in an organisation can pay off. We give lectures to inspire, motivate and engage  people to see and experience the value of great conversations.

We tailor all Lectures and WorkShops to suit your organisation. We seek to understand what you want to achieve and ensure there is return on your investment.

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FuelBox can be used in a variety of ways, across the organisation.
We recommend you to raise awareness of the value of great conversations among the employees and make a plan for  implementation. We can help with the planning and give inspiring lectures and facilitate WorkShops to kick this off.
Please order our free FUEL GUIDE for tips and advice on how to use FuelBox in your organisation!


We would like to cooperate with partners that work in the field of human and corporate developement. Contact us if you think that FUELBOX can strengthen your own concept, and you would like to promote and distribute FUELBOX  in your market!



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