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Involve, Develop and Inspire your Team

Involve, Develop and Inspire your Team

FuelBox Team contains engaging and exciting questions designed to fuel great conversations between you and your colleagues. It provides you with an opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, and strengthen relationships.

A recent report from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) suggests: “There is a noticeable implementation gap between the training that employees find useful, and the training they actually receive. Employers need to work in partnership with employees on their jobs and careers and aligning organisational and individual needs”.*

Are these your employees?  Use FuelBox Team to open communication channels and understand the real needs of your team.

*Claire McCartney, CIPD Employee Outlook Survey, Autumn 2016 

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What`s in the box?

TOPICS AND QUESTIONS Me at Home │ Me at Work │ Relationships in our Team │ Communication │ The Working Day │ Goals, Visions and Values │ Change, Renewal and Innovation │ Humour and Enjoyment │

  • In what ways are you different at work from at home?

  • In what ways do you give praise and recognition to your colleagues?

  • What changes happening outside the organisation will mean that we have to innovate?

  • What personal vision do you have for yourself?

  • As a team, to what extent do we succeed in making joint decisions?

  • How would others in the organisation describe our team?

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  • One of the strengths of FuelBox is that it creates an arena for communication without any underlying or ‘hidden’ agenda. It is a tool where all participants take an active part.  We continue to receive positive feedback from our employees.

    Marius Basteviken
    Partner, advokat og siviløkonom
    KPMG stavanger

    “What characterizes great conversations, whether it is in the pharmacy or at home?”
    Combining inspirational talks and training, helped to promote and enhance great conversations in the pharmacy. 160 pharmacists have attended the training programme, and after completing they state that it has been “very useful and motivating”.

    Leder kompetanseutvikling

    We all need to refuel – in everyday life and in all kinds of relationships. A nice mix of an inspiring talk by a truly engaged and enthusiastic Berta Lende Røed and a talkshop that engaged the participants. Created great conversations and great fun!

    Svein Erik Falkeid, Project Leader og Ingunn Sædberg, Cons Adm Services
    Statoil ASA Statoil ASA


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    FuelBox LEADERSHIP for Leaders

    Encourage leaders to share their reflections, expertise and experience.  Challenge the status quo and drive change.


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    FuelBox TEAM for Team Development

    A tool for all people managers and Talent Management professionals to involve employees, build relations and strengthen team performance.



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    FuelBox for Private Relations

    The ultimate gift for employees. Demonstrate commitment to communication and well being both inside and outside of the workplace.


Lectures, TeamBuilding and WorkShops

FuelBox does not require any prerequisites or introduction courses, but in many cases a ‘kickstart’ to its implementation can pay off.

We give Lectures to inspire, motivate and engage people to see and experience the value of great conversations.

FuelBox can also be used for TeamBuilding activities.  We can facilitate or provide you with suggestions!

WorkShops explore ‘People Management’ in more detail.  Understand the importance of communication within a team and across all levels of the organisation.

We tailor all Lectures, Teambuilding and WorkShops to suit your organisations wishes and needs, with the focus on great conversations that develop and strengthen the people, the relations and the organisation.

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Every employee brings knowledge, experience, great thoughts and ideas. With time and operational pressures, we often lack the opportunity to bring these to the surface.

There is an obvious need for great relations, openness and awareness about each others expertise, skills and interests in a team that is going to perform. FuelBox TEAMS provides opportunity for reflection and encourages great conversations.

Questions in FuelBox TEAMS were designed by experts in leadership and organisation development. Categories allow individuals to select appropriate questions without ‘agenda’.




FuelBox can be used in different organisations in many different ways. We recommend you to raise awareness of the value of great conversations among the employees and make a plan for implementation. We can help with the planning and give inspiring lectures and facilitate TalkShops to kick this off! Please order our free FUEL GUIDE for tips and advice on how to use FuelBox in your organisation!

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We would like to cooperate with international partners that work in the field of human and corporate developement. Contact us if you think that FUELBOX can strengthen your own concept, and you would like to promote and distribute FUELBOX in your market!


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