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Strengthen relationships through sharing and listening

Meaningful entertainment with close friends

Good friendships are worth taking care of and protecting. We do this by sharing experiences and great conversations that awaken our senses, create time for reflection and reveal new insights.

Share ups and downs,  joys and worries, dreams and future plans. FuelBox FRIENDS contains 170 humorous, serious and engaging questions that gives you the opportunity to share your stories and memories.

Perfect for a unique birthday gift, or a ‘thank you’ for bridesmaids.



A successful evening or trip with good friends is often a combination of good food and drinks, and fun, engaging and interesting conversations. Put FuelBox FRIENDS on the table when close friends get together, pick from the 170 question cards and talk about EVERYTHING!

FuelBox FRIENDS could also be a unique addition to a wedding to get your guests talking!


TOPICS AND QUESTIONS Opinions, Attitudes and Values │ Me │ Sparetime │ Work and Career │ Friendship │ Relationships │ Single Life │ Love, Romance and Sex │ Family and Children │ Past, Present and Future │

  • What kind of life experiences have changed you?

  • If I was your replacement at work one day, what would happen?

  • What is the best thing a friend has ever done for you?

  • How would your parents describe you?

  • What would you have in your ideal hobby room?

  • What do you take for granted?

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  • I recently used FuelBox Friends on holiday with my girlfriends. From the long drive to the airport to the never ending plane journey, then to our villa we found topics to suit every occasion: from the hilarious ‘which part of the opposite sex do you find most attractive?’ to the more serious ‘how should we better support each other?’. Loved it!


    Carmen,  Exeter 

  • I put the Friend FuelBoxes on tables at my wedding – they really got people talking and the conversations started! I could see everyone was entertained and I didn’t have to worry about those who didn’t know many people – the ice was soon broken! The great FuelBox design looked great on the tables too.

    Sarah, Kent


  • We used FuelBox Friends on a Girls Night In. We sat for hours talking, laughing and even crying a bit. Incredibly fun and engaging! We used it again at breakfast!

    Recommend this to everyone, young and old!!

    Anette, Oslo


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