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Tailor your FuelBox

Tailor you own FuelBox!

Anything or anyone specific you want your FuelBox to target? We can develop tailored versions of FuelBox.

A tailored FuelBox in your organization could include topics related to your business area, your vision and values, focus areas etc.

Maybe you would like to develop a FuelBox to offer your customers? If you operate in a niche that is not covered by our FuelBox products, you can develop a FuelBox to enhance the value of your services.

Tailored versions of FuelBox are developed in close collaboration with you. We seek to fully understand your business, your customers, strengths, challenges and areas of focus.

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FUELBOX Couples who live with illness

In conjunction with Cancer Care, Norway,  we have developed a FuelBox for couples who are living with Cancer.

Living with cancer, and the consequences of illness and treatment puts extra demands on relationships. This FuelBox helps support,  preserve and strengthen relationships. 176 open questions address important, challenging and difficult aspects of living with cancer.

Making discoveries that may contribute to an increased understanding of each other’s situation and different needs. To tolerate each other’s differences and dare to talk about what challenge you, but also to laugh and enjoy each other’s presence and attention! The box is designed with the support of Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

We received input from couples who live with illness and Professor of Psychology and Marriage Counselor Frode Thuen contributed to the technical content.




Slanke Tanker is a Norwegian company and is best translated to ‘Think Healthy’. Slanke Tanker reinforces the importance of mindset, will power and addressing internal dialogue when losing weight and staying healthy.

Slanke Tanker provide lectures, web based tutorials to offer inspiration, motivation and support to a web-community. Slanke Tanker offer FuelBox to their own customers to create reflection and great conversations about consciousness, personal development and transformation.


DNB personalised their FuelBox Team!

You do not need to develop your own FuelBox. DNB personalised their FuelBox Team boxes and added their logo the box!

FuelBox - ASD

Along with SPISS we have developed a FuelBox for people with asperger’s and autism. SPISS is a Norwegian Company who offer expertise on issues related to autism spectrum disorders (ASD). 

People with ASD can have many different thoughts and challenges, and it may be difficult to find space and peace of mind to talk to others about. Many may find it difficult to articulate thoughts and feelings, both in positive and challenging themes. In order to participate in a good conversation and get new, positive experiences, visualization, specification or clear frames help. Using straightforward, open questions FuelBox creates a framework that can make it easier to talk about both everyday and fun issues, but also difficult and important topics.



This FUELBOX is specially designed for Innovation Norway, and especially adapted to engage in conversations about strategy, innovation, business models, organizational and not least – sustainable development. The box complements the Business Model Canvas and other tools Innovation Norway uses in customer dialogue. The box can be used advantageously within companies – in board and management meetings, team building and development projects. The box is in Norwegian and English!!

Bavaria has its own FuelBox Leader and TEAM

BAVARIA is characterized by passion and innovation and takes VALUES, CULTURE and LEADERSHIP seriously. Its vision is to lead development and take vehicle modernisation to the next level.  We have tailored their BAVARIA FuelBox LEADER and TEAM for Norway’s Porche, BMW and MINI dealers.

FuelBox for BAVARIA is available in Norwegian and Swedish: great conversations for BAVARIA in both countries!