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FUELBOX in the media

  • DAGENS NÆRINGSLIV wrote about how FUELBOX went from great conversations in couples to leaders and teams in the corporate world.

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  • The womans magazine KK, writes about how me missing the great conversations with my husband, made me develope the box of great conversations.
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  • Dagen wrote about the impotance of logging off to logg on the people you care about: BOX YOUR WAY OUT OF THE FACEBOOK TRAP!

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  • Th magazine Ledernytt writes about my entrepeneurstory, the tips I have for entrepeneurs and how FuelBox can strengthen relations at home and at work!
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  • The future is in a box wrote Aftelbladet in an article about my home and FuelBox. They also made a movie about our house where the great conversations and fuelBox is being developed!
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  • Casa Kaos are FUELBOXing!

    Read about this funny FuelBoxsession in the popular Familyblog CasaKaos – I think all of us can recognize some of this?

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  • This box can make Berta Woman Entrepreneur of the Year! This was in Jærbladet in october 2014.

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  • Familieverden wrote “This is how you avoid the typical couples traps”

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  • Jærbladet focused on how I have talked the great conversations out of this country!

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    Snakket den gode samtalen ut av landet

  • FuelBox for the whole FAMILY was launched on God Morgen Norge, on TV2,  4.nov 2014

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  • “Communication is the glu in every relationship” This was in the biggest newspaper in Norway VG, in Juni 2014

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  • “Do you know the person you love?” askedFrode Thuen in Aftenpostens A-magasin the 7 of March 2014, and recommends FuelBox to all couples! Please contact me if you want the article!

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  • “The talker” in Jærbladet the 13 of December 2013

    Jærbladet des 13


  • Jærbladet wrote that you should pick a card for love!


  • “Creates great conversations from a small box” was the focus in the article in Hegnar Media 17.januar 2014

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  • Psychologist and couplesexpert Frode Thuen recommended FuelBox to all couples that wants meaningful entertainment in their relationship in the TV2 Newschannel.  They had a lot of fun in the studio picking questions from both FuelBox Couples and FuelBox Friends.


  • “Would you like som love in a box??” Jærbladet 18.nov.2013


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  • FuelBox, the couplesedtion was launched on TV2. A couple told us about their experience with FuelBox.

    GMN Vår med FuelBox


  • FuelBox was on the TV-show Lørdagsmagasinet on Tv2 in December 2013. How is a family in Stavanger experiencing that FuelBox is a tool for nourishing the relationship in the chaos of everyday life?

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    Tør du spørre din kjære?

  • “The cardmaker” wrote Stavanger Aftenblad 5.nov.2013 – my first FuelBox pressmoment! This really kicked off the sales!

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