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Fuel your Organisation

Fuel Your Organisation

We inspire, motivate and engage people. We tailor all sessions to your needs and focus on great conversations that develop and strengthen people, relations and organisations ensuring long-lasting, tangible results.

Lectures, WorkShops and TeamBuilding in the UK will be facilitated by Kate Doyle, Director FuelBox UK.

Kate has over 10 years of experience in Learning and Development, and has successfully implemented leadership, management and communication skills training across a number of organisations and industries.




FuelBox WorkShops are suitable for leaders, teams, colleagues, friends and other networks.

Suitable for groups of 4 or more, our bespoke WorkShops address the needs and challenges in your organisation.

Workshops can be used to demonstrate FuelBox in action, and provide you with tools and tips for implementation.  Learn and improve listening and questioning techniques to reveal tangible benefits of using FuelBox.

FuelBox can also be used as part of soft skills training.  Examples include: management and leadership training,  communication, presentation skills and networking skills. From shorter ‘lunch and learns’ to full day sessions, we guarantee an engaging WorkShop with tangible benefits.

We work with you to compliment already established programmes, or design and implement new initiatives.


We are all on top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and shouting as loud as we can: “See me world!”

We all have a story to tell: Sometimes we lack the confidence or opportunity to share it. FuelBox Lectures, inspire, motivate and encourage discussion.

FuelBox Lectures demonstrate how you can establish, improve and build communication channels. We explore the importance of two way conversation and expression, and highlight examples and the impact of poor communication.

FuelBox Lectures are invaluable for corporate teams, social group and networks.

Teambuilding without climbing and puzzles!

We all know that teams thrive with a mixture of personalities, experience, abilities and strengths.  Do we always know what these are?

Let us give your team inspiration and motivation.

Too often, TeamBuilding is great on the day. The team comes away feeling revived (refueled!), but what has actually been achieved and what are the longer term gains?

Using FuelBox, we can facilitate TeamBuilding events and ‘away days’.  Ensuring participants have fun and get to know each other better,  our focus is on enhancing communication in the team and results are seen and felt after the event.