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The story of FUELBOX


Can you imagine? What started out as question cards in an envelope to create those great conversations that I missed with my husband, are now spread all over the world in white delicate boxes! Like me and my husband; couples, families, friends, youth, colleagues and even our new citizens are now connecting, and re-connecting, with FuelBox – The box of great conversations!

The most important thing all of us can do to nourish our relationships, is to stay curious!
Ask questions! Engage! All of us need to feel that people really see us, and that we are valuable to them. This is vital at home, and in the work place.

FuelBox is all about reconnecting on a face to face level in different relations, and have fun and meaningful conversations that develop and strengthen individuals and our relationships.
FuelBox for corporate business is also about creating an arena for sharing knowledge and experience to enhance performance for the individual and the organisations.

I hope that FuelBox gives you great conversations with the people you have in your life, wether its your partner, your family or your colleagues!

All the best,